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Custom Tempered Glass From Safety Glass Factory

Tempered glass can be divided into the physical toughened glass and chemical tempering glass. Tempered glass used in architecture and furniture is physically Tempered glass. Float bid evaluation glass after the high temperature of the machine in the rapid cooling process we call the tempering process. The level, noise point and self-explosion rate of Tempered glass are all the standards for testing Tempered glass. Tempered glass is a very widely used glass, the current processing technology has been very mature, processing accuracy of each supplier is quite different.

  • OEM/ODM Service With Free Sample. MOQ: 200 square meters
  • The thickness of tempered glass 5mm-25mm.
  • Machinable size 13000mm * wide 2500mm. 
  • Divided into clear, low iron or supper white tempered glass. 
  • Gray, blue, gold, brown, green and other colored tempered glass. 
  • Tempered glass can be used in building exterior walls, doors, and windows,   furniture desktops, etc.

As a professional toughened glass manufacturer, our company has been involved in safety glass manufacturing for over 20 years. We provide custom tempered glass service in the factory outlet price for indoor decoration and furniture appliance. If you’re interested in buy tempered glass price, please feel free to contact us.