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What Is The Difference Between The Clrear Laminated Glass Used On Doors And Windows And The Middle Layer Of Fabric Laminated Glass?

What is the difference between the clrear laminated glass used on doors and windows and the middle layer of fabric laminated glass?

The clear laminated glass has strong function and is suitable for doors and windows used in outdoor environment. The decorative effect of fabric laminated glass is very artistic and suitable for indoor doors and windows. 
Clear laminated glass in the glass processing industry usually means that the middle layer of laminated glass is transparent, and the intermediate layer is divided into PVB, EVA and SGP. The middle layer is selected according to the use of laminated glass. Laminated glass windows are usually used on glass curtain walls, most of which are low-e reflective laminated glass. They have good thermal insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation, UV protection and other functions. Some high-end buildings will use laminated insulated glass, a glass that combines all the advantages of laminated safety glass and thermal insulation glass. This is the best glass used in exterior windows of buildings. 
The properties of laminated glass are almost the same, and there are many differences in style. Colored laminated glass is a kind of very characteristic laminated glass. If you choose the color of the middle layer, you can determine the color of the laminated glass. We usually use the Raul color card and the Pantone color card to determine the base color, which is a very fast way. 

After drilling, the four layers of laminated glass are ready to be packed in wooden cases, which can only be produced in factories with very good processing technology. This is a very difficult processing technology.

There are many styles and types of fabric laminated glass interlayer, which is mainly used in decorative walls. The price is slightly higher than that of ordinary laminated glass. The processing temperature of fabric laminated glass is lower than that of laminated glass because the material of the middle layer is different. Fabric laminated glass is mainly used for regional decoration, the total number will not be many, but the process is very complex.

Fabric laminated glass also has all the safety properties of laminated glass, and the decorative effect of fabric laminated glass is better.

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