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Benefits Of Laminated Safety Glass Used In Door And Window Systems

Benefits of laminated safety glass used in door and window systems

Laminated safety glass has been used extensively in buildings and is also a primary choice in cars, cruise ships and airplanes. Laminated glass is a glass with outstanding safety properties. It is made of high-temperature and high-pressure equipment using double or multi-layer glass and interlayer materials. It has excellent performances such as transparency, high mechanical strength, light resistance, heat insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation and UV protection, and is very practical in life. After the glass and the intermediate layer are fused by high-temperature rolling and high-pressure equipment, the laminated glass has better impact resistance and safety performance when the glass is broken. This is the main reason why laminated glass is used in a large area.

The exterior wall of the building with laminated safety glass is fixed with hardware for drilling all the laminated glass.

Advantages of laminated glass 1:The safety of laminated glass is very good. When the glass and the intermediate layer are bonded, it becomes a building material with high safety performance. Whether the laminated glass is tilted, horizontally mounted or vertically installed, it Can block the impact of external forces. Even if the laminated glass is damaged and broken, the debris will still adhere to the middle layer and will not fall. It will not cause damage to people or animals because of falling from high altitude, and still maintain the original intact shape of laminated glass, resisting external damage and shielding wind and rain. Laminated glass’s good energy-saving performance and shock-proof function are what we need in our lives.

Benefits of laminated glass 2:Door and window systems are generally a relatively fragile place in the building, while the security features of laminated glass provide a layer of protection for property and people. Laminated glass, which can withstand general external impact, is relatively low in cost, and bulletproof glass made of PVB or SGP intermediate layer can withstand the attack of different bullets. The middle layer is a laminated glass of wire that effectively prevents burglary and other violent incidents.
Laminated glass is a safety glass with excellent anti-theft performance. It is not only used in the building door and window system, but also in the jewellery display case. Qualified laminated glass has strong impact resistance, and the general hammer and axe cannot damage the laminated glass. Because the high quality intermediate layer has stretchable ductility, it is impossible to cut the laminated glass from one side. So those silent glass cutting tools will lose their effect. The intermediate layer used in laminated glass has very strong toughness and is difficult to penetrate after being bonded to tempered glass, which is incomparable for general tempered glass.

Laminated glass is still a whole after broken, no fragments fall off, can stand, can stop the wind and rain.

The benefits of laminated glass 3: Laminated glass has a damping filter for sound, which can effectively block the transmission of sound and has an unparalleled sound insulation effect.

Benefits of laminated glass 4: Laminated glass is a very environmentally friendly glass that has special features that save energy and block UV rays. Laminated glass can attenuate the illumination of sunlight, block UV rays, and protect objects from fading by UV radiation. The middle layer of the laminated glass absorbs most of the heat from the sun, attenuates the heat, maintains the indoor temperature, and reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioner. This is a building glass that is very energy efficient. Laminated glass blocks 99% of UV light without affecting the brightness of visible light.

Benefits of laminated glass 5: There are many types and patterns of interlayers in laminated glass. The middle layer of laminated glass can also be colored. It can realize all colors on Raul color card and Pantone color card. With very elegant decorative effects, a variety of colors, a variety of patterns, a variety of three-dimensional effects we can customize for you.
Our factory supplies a large amount of laminated glass every year, which has been widely used in doors, windows, floors, curtain walls and skylights of buildings. The curved laminated glass can be used for lifting elevators, revolving doors of shopping malls, and multi-layer laminated glass. It can be used in the business halls of financial institutions such as banks, securities companies, insurance companies, as well as counters, doors and windows in gold and silver jewelry shops and jewelry display cabinets, museums, high-end commercial residential buildings, prisons and other places. Processing laminated glass We are a very professional factory, we will continue to provide our customers with the best service, the highest quality laminated glass products.

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