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Price And Quality Standard Of Laminated Glass

Price And Quality Standard Of Laminated Glass

Price And Quality Standard Of Laminated Glass

Many friends are very concerned about price and quality when buying laminated glass. How much is the laminated glass? This is often asked, but in fact it is very unprofessional. 

The price composition of laminated glass. 
Glass + middle layer + glass + freight. 

1. The price of glass with different thickness is different, and the price of glass with different size is different. The thickness of glass is usually an international standard, which is decided by the designer at the beginning of the design. 

2. The price of glass varies with size. The conventional sizes of glass materials range from 3660 mm to 2440 mm. If your designer needs more glass than this size, then you need to accept that the price will be higher than the normal one. Of course, some buildings need oversized glass to show its greatness, we can process 18000 mm*3660 mm laminated glass, so when you need the price of laminated glass, please provide the size and specifications of the glass, we will provide you with the best price. 

The Middle Layer

The middle layer is mainly divided into PVB, SGP and EVA. Colors are divided into transparent, white and color. The color can be selected according to Raul color card and Pantone color card. 

The main results are as follows:

(1) PVB interlayer laminated glass is generally used for conventional size door and window glass and cost-effective railing glass. 

(2) SGP interlayer laminated glass is generally used in places with high glass strength, which has strong explosion-proof and impact-resistant ability and is very reliable. 

(3) EVA interlayer laminated glass is generally used in decoration places with a wide variety of styles. Can cooperate with a variety of styles of decoration, with the unique performance of safety glass, taking into account the beauty, it is killing two birds with one stone. 


This part of the market price is provided by freight forwarders, a good freight forwarder can provide you with a lot of convenience in customs declaration and customs clearance. 

Because of the particularity of glass, it requires very professional and experienced workers to put it into a container and fix it. Wooden cases full of glass need to be loaded upright and must not be placed flat in the container. Heavy objects cannot be loaded on wooden cases. It is generally recommended to transport the whole container

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