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Ceramic fritted glass and screen printing glass, are the ink high temperature melting in the glass surface, will not fade off. It’s just that each area has a different name for this kind of glass. Ceramic fritted glass uses Raul and Pantone color cards as the standard to determine the color, designers usually put together many pieces of pictured ceramic fritted glass into a glass wall. This is a very perfect design. Ceramic fritted glass is also used in kitchen walls in Europe and the United States and other areas., ceramic fritted glass walls are not only beautiful, but also very easy to clean. Some table tables, or conference table desktops, also use ceramic fritted glass. 
We are a ceramic fritted glass manufacturer in China. If you need ceramic fritted glass, you can contact us. 
1. You can choose ceramic fritted glass with thickness from 5mm to 25mm as needed. 
2. We can provide you with ceramic fritted glass in large quantities.