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Insulated Glass is a kind of glass which is most commonly used in the exterior wall of the modern building. They are widely used in the glass curtain wall. Hidden frame glass curtain wall and framed glass curtain wall are the trends of modern architecture. It is very important for designers to choose a Insulated Glass with good performance. Low-e, reflective glass is a good choice, there are single silver glass, double silver glass, three silver glass these are a better performance of high-grade Insulated Glass. Argon-filled double glazing is also widely used. The best security performance is laminated insulated glass. 

The difference of these glasses is mainly manifested in the specific parameters, such as U value, reflection value, penetration value, heat insulation value and so on. According to the surrounding environment of the building, the designer selects the hollow glass with appropriate parameters. In most of our purchases, we found that the parameters of our glass products were better than those required by the designer.

1. Custom Service Offered. MOQ: 200 square meters

2. The color of insulated glass is divided into clear, gray, green, blue and gold. 
3. You just need to provide parameters, we can customize LOW-E glass for you, reflective glass.