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Start Your Order For Custom Laminated Glass

Dongguan laminated safety glass manufacturer has been focused on custom laminated glass manufacturing service for Building&Furniture applications. Laminated glass, also known as sandwich glass, is a kind of safety glass divided into two types: toughened laminated glass and untoughened laminated glass. Untoughened laminated glass can be cut, tempered laminated glass can not be cut.

Order Custom Laminated Glass Details:

  • OEM Service With Free Sample. MOQ: 200 square meters
  • Types: Toughened Laminated Glass, Untoughened Laminated Glass
  • Shapes: Curve, Flat or Custom
  • Selective Thicknesses: Single Glass Thickness Up to 25mm.
  • Selective Height: Up to 16 Meter
  • Selective Color: Clear, Blue, Gold, Pink, Amber, Green, Grey, White, Black, etc.
  • Application: Laminated glass is widely used in the exterior walls of high-rise modern buildings. LOW-E laminated glass and laminated hollow glass are widely used in the exterior walls of high-rise modern buildings. Tempered laminated glass sheet can be used for doors and laminated windows of buildings, corridor railings, staircase floors, sightseeing elevators, scenic spots sightseeing platforms, jewelry display cabinets, and other places. Laminated glass for sale is the best choice for places that require transparency and safety.

 Laminated glass from China, delivery within 7 Days! chat with us and get laminated glass prices from China sandwich glass factory!