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Curved Glass is divided into two kinds of toughened non-toughened glass, non-toughened arc glass can be of any shape, generally using glass with thickness greater than 10mm or laminated glass to ensure its safety. Because of the limit value of the equipment machine, the curved glass with too small radius can not be toughened. Therefore, designers need to go through careful calculation when using curved glass. At present, most of the curved glass used in buildings can be toughened arc glass. Arc glass, which cannot be toughened, is also known as hot-bent glass, which is usually used in furniture with a unique shape. 

1. You only need to provide the radius, arc length and height of the arc glass. We will provide you with arc glass products of accurate size. 
2. Curved glass can have a pattern or color. 
3. Curved glass may be coated with reflective, LOW-E.