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Silk Screen Printing On Glass with thickness 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm 22mm 25mm provided by Chinese glass suppliers

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. All out-of-warehouse Silk Screen Glass are certified by BS6206/CE/AS/ANSI/SGCC

. Welcome to our factory to guide the work, we will provide airport shuttle service

. Free Silk Screen Glass samples can be provided, only to pay for logistics costs.

. Delivery cycle: 7 to 10 working days,Minimum order quantity 200 square meters

. Payment:T/T, LC (EXW/FOB/CNF/CIF)

Packing method: no fumigation box, anti-glass mildew measures. Can be sent by sea or by air

. We are a glass supplier in China and can provide Silk Screen Glass in large quantities

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silk screen printing on glass

silk screen printing on glass is a kind of process glass which will have colored patterns, text, logo and other contents printed on the glass surface. We first confirm the color with the customer and then customize the mold for the printing pattern. The content is printed on the glass and the pattern will never fade and fall off after a high temperature of 600 degrees Celsius. The more types of patterns, the more molds are needed, the higher the cost. The larger the size of the glass, the more expensive the mold. Silk Screen Glass has a lot of colors to choose from, and the pattern is selected according to the requirements of the designer.

1. The color and pattern of Silk Screen Glass will never fall off.
2. Silk Screen Glass can be single-sheet toughened glass, laminated glass or hollow glass.

We are a supplier of screen printing glass, the glass in the picture is a very beautiful white imitation aluminum plate drilled pattern. It looks like an aluminum plate, but it’s actually glass. Very upscale and beautiful.


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