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Custom Cut Tempered Glass Laminated Glass Thickness 10 mm +10 mm, 10.76 mm, 11.14 mm, 11.52 mm

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  • MOQ: 200 square meters
  • All out-of-warehouse laminated glass is certified by BS6206/CE/AS/ANSI/SGCC
  • Welcome to our factory to guide the work, we will provide airport shuttle service
  • Laminated glass samples can be provided, only to pay for logistics costs.
  • Delivery cycle: 7 to 10 working days
  • Payment: T/T, LC (EXW/FOB/CNF/CIF)
  • Packing method: no fumigation box, anti-glass mildew measures. Can be sent by sea or by air
  • We are a factory with a monthly supply of more than 200000 square meters of laminated glass
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Tempered laminated glass with thickness 10.38mm 10.76mm 11.14mm 11.52mm installed on balcony or corridor railing

Laminated glass is a kind of glass which is safer than single tempered glass. According to the size of glass, we are long, wide and high. To select the optimal size of the glass raw materials after the automatic computer cutting machine segmentation, the glass edge polishing, tempering treatment. The tempering of A sheet and B sheet of laminated glass is a process with high difficulty coefficient. We use both sheet A and sheet B to toughen at the same time, the same heating temperature, the same cooling temperature and cooling time. To form the same tempered waveform. In this way, after the A and B pieces of synthetic laminated glass, there will be no bubbles, and the laminated glass will not be separated after the wind and sun.This is our technological innovation. We have been working for high quality laminated glass.

Tempered laminated glass with an oblique edge of 45 degrees

The edge of the polished very beautiful laminated glass, installed on the balcony must be the scenery

Using 5mm tempered glass+1.14mmpvb+5mm tempered glass Balcony railing glass

More and more laminated glass is used on transparent railings, safety is the most basic property of this laminated glass, our laminated glass can ensure that even if the upstairs glass railing is artificially damaged, there will be no broken glass falling from the sky. This special middle layer allows the laminated glass to remain a whole after damage.Although the surface looks broken.

A glass railing fixed with hardware.

A large area of corridor railings are made of transparent laminated glass. Fixed with hardware, very beautiful and safe.

Our factory has many advanced automatic production lines, which can complete the purchase of laminated glass in large quantities with high quality. Laminated glass suppliers have served overseas customers for more than 12 years. Familiar with all aspects of completing laminated glass order.

laminated glass supplier

where a large number of toughened laminated glass are exported every year. We provide the best service and the best products.



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